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What is Adoption?

Adoption is taking as Ones Own.

Adoption is not “giving up” on your baby.

Adoption is not an easy out.

Adoption does not make you a bad mother.

Adoption can affirm you are a great mother!


So what is adoption then? Adoption means giving your child a life you could not provide by allowing him/her to enter into the privileges and responsibilities of another.

Your choice of adoption can be the most loving sacrifice. You are putting your child ahead of yourself, giving her/him a life that is full, healthy, stable and loving. You may be dying to your dream of being a mother to this child and blessing another woman with the opportunity to be a mother when before she could not.

You may be dying to your pride screaming you can do it alone and welcoming a new kind of support and family to surround you and your child. You may be dying to your emotions accepting to walk through pain and grief to give your baby joy and celebration. You are making the most loving choice, a brave and honorable choice, the choice of life for your little one.

Adoption can be hard we know that. It can also be joyful, lifegiving, full of hope and unselfish. We are not inviting you to do it alone. Instead, we are asking you to let us walk with you on this journey.

Florida Title VI Chapter 63 (2)
“Adoption” means the act of creating the legal relationship between parent and child where it did not exist, thereby declaring the child to be legally the child of the adoptive parents and their heir at law and entitled to all the rights and privileges and subject to all the obligations of a child born to such adoptive parents in lawful wedlock.