How to be Praying

The most important action you can take in this process is prayer.

Take a moment and think about how you got here. How did you get to this website? How did you come to the idea of adoption? Where have you been that has brought you here?


My hope is that as you think through those questions you see the handiwork of our Creator and Author clearly throughout your story. I hope to hear stories of hard hearts being softened. I hope to hear stories of families being made whole by the love of our Father. I hope to hear stories of perseverance and hope in the journey that this life can be. Within those stories though, I hope to hear about the cries to our Abba Father, the prayers that were pleaded, and the magnificent answers he provided.


If he answered those prayers in ways so beyond what we could imagine, think about what he could possibly do for this new chapter, for this trying journey. If we are not willing to open our hands and release our grip of control in this process, we will make it nowhere. Only through God can the right child be brought into your family. He does not want you to sit back and be silent though. He wants to hear your heart, the fears, the nerves, the excitements. He gave us easy access because he genuinely wants us to communicate with Him! Take advantage of it and cry out to Him every day and watch how he works to answer you.

The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord accepts my prayer. Psalm 6:9 ESV