Frequently Asked Questions…

How could I possibly carry my baby for 9 months and then give it away?

Adoption is not “giving up” it’s giving to. You are not only giving your baby life, but a full life with a healthy family, a new chance at a successful life, and you’re giving a couple the greatest gift.

What do I say to people when they ask me about my baby and why I'm giving it up for adoption?

Remember you are not giving up you are giving to. As this baby’s mother, you are making a choice to make a plan for your baby. This plan is to better your child’s life and give them an opportunity to succeed. You are protecting and providing for your baby before they are even here. You are thinking of them, before thinking of yourself and that is honorable and brave.

Am I allowed to hold my baby at the hospital?

Yes, you are most definitely welcome to hold and spend time with your baby at the hospital.

Can I meet the adoptive family?

Not only can you pick them but you can meet and communicate with them as much as you want throughout your pregnancy. We want you to have a relationship long term with your baby and the adoptive family. It may seem difficult at times but there is so much beauty and love that comes through an Open Adoption.

How much will an adoption cost me?

Making an adoption plan for your child will cost you nothing financially. We will actually provide financial assistance to you. By Florida Law, we can financially cover some of your basic living expenses through your pregnancy and for a recovery period post-delivery.

How will my child know anything about me?

There are many ways for your child to know many things about you. We have forms to document information about you that you have the freedom to fill out AND you can build a relationship with the family you choose to care for your child and remain in relationship with them throughout your child’s life. Your child can receive pictures, letters, or even visits from you


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