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24 hour helpline;  publishes magazines and sells books



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Phone – 1-800-765-ADOPT

Free catalogs;  Books on all aspects of adoption



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 Information, referral and publications





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 Strong advocate for special needs adoptions

Provides education and support for individuals and agencies and through lobbying efforts

NACAC has a representative in each state who maintains a list of adoptive parent groups and other resources


225 N. Washington Street

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Phone – (703) 299-6633

 Advocacy, public policy, information & publications



(Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children) 

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Voice: 866-453-8224   Fax: 847-356-1584


 An international coalition of parents, professionals and others working to increase awareness about attachment and its critical importance to human development.



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 Advocacy, information and publications



7910 Woodmont Avenue

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Phone – (301) 652-8585

 Primarily provides education and support about infertility, but because many of its members have adopted, both the national headquarters and local chapters are excellent resources for adoptive parents